Refund Policy

Bulk Marketing Application

Refund Policy

Please read the below refund policy carefully before purchasing Bulk Marketing Pro.

Eligible Conditions

Refunds against a license purchased from Bulk Marketing Pro ‘s website shall only be eligible for a refund if the license key has not been activated on any machine ever since date of purchase (the duration of which not exceeding more than 7 days).


No refunds shall be given in case any of the client’s  WhatsApp number got blocked by their respective service provider or the target audience. This is because the situation varies from client-to-client and completely depends on the use case. Bulk Marketing Pro is meant only for marketing (sending newsletters, or offers to your subscribers), not for spamming.

If in any case of discontinuity of our operations, we may not be able to provide updates to the software from the time onwards. Your existing apps will keep working as is (if WhatsApp does not do any changes). Please note, no refunds will be provided in such scenario.

However, Bulk Marketing Pro will try to its level-best to adapt to future challenges up to possible extent in order to service its clients.


To request for a refund, please write to us sales@bulkmarketingpro.com with your transaction details and we will happily assist you further.

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