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Bulk Marketing Application

Bulk Marketing Pro Application.

Easy to use bulk marketing software that lets you use your existing personal or business WhatsApp to reach new heights.

Bulk Marketing Pro™ software all features

Easy to use bulk marketing software that lets you use your existing personal or professional WhatsApp to reach new heights.

✔  Instant download & use. No waiting!
✔  Send unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages to unlimited contacts.
✔  Send unlimited bulk text messages, photos, videos & documents.
✔  Import & export data from or into Microsoft Excel & .txt file.
✔  Lifetime license. No need to buy credits.
✔  Customized your WhatsApp Sender ID.
✔  Track each sending messages with instant chat reply’s.
✔  Free Updates & Support.
✔  Runs on Windows 7 (SP1) & above.
✔  Add more messages with different writing way to avoid blocking.
✔  WhatsApp number filter.
✔  WhatsApp group contact number grabber.
✔  Personalized messages contains contact name & variables.
✔  After send get instant delivery reports.
✔  WhatsApp number generator.
✔  Using Dedicated servers for avoid blocking.
✔  Add multi WhatsApp Accounts (Multi Channels).
✔  Multi files sending in one click.
✔  Anti Block Module
✔  Multi text messages (Reduce chance of blocking)
✔  Advanced Internal dialogs (Reduce chance of blocking)
✔  Sleep control after X amounts of messages.
✔  Connection speed control & set delay between message.
✔  Rotate sender numbers while sending the messages.

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Send Personalized Messages

Send Personalized Messages.

Unlike other (indie) software in the market, you can magically personalize your outgoing bulk WhatsApp messages easily by using a simply to use placeholder syntax.


Control Sending Flow.

Prevent your business phone number from being blocked from WhatsApp by optionally adding a slight delay after n number of messages from Bulk Marketing Pro settings.


Control sending flow
import-expot .csv files

Import/Export Bulk Contacts.

Bulk Marketing Pro lets you add multiple contacts in 1-click by import *.csv files prepared in Microsoft Excel making it the most easy-to-use bulk WhatsApp marketing tool in the market.



Import contact list via Microsoft excel sheet or manual, Generate numbers, Add variables to messages (Customize it) add multiple attachment like images, videos, document files same time, Dual sending options normal and turbo mode for customize sending speed.


Control sending flow, Control sleep after control familiar sending, Control tying mode, Control multi form of messages to reduce chance of blocking.


Filter numbers to verify WhatsApp account and to add them to sending list.


Grab contact from WhatsApp groups and and add them to sender list or save group contact for future messages sending.


Add multi WhatsApp accounts and save them to avoid the annoying scanning of QR Code and to send simultaneously from them & use our special feature rotate multiple WhatsApp accounts for avoid blocking.


Auto generated detailed report at the end of each bulk.

How to get help with Bulk Marketing Pro?

mailto: If at any point of time, you need our help in purchasing, downloading, installing or using Bulk Marketing Pro you can email our support desk at or call at +91 7982724566 to get instant help.


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