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Easy to use bulk marketing software that lets you use your existing personal or professional WA to reach new heights.

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Bulk Marketing Pro

Easy to use bulk marketing software that lets you use your existing personal or professional WA to reach new heights.

  • Instant download & use. No waiting!
  • Send unlimited bulk WA notification messages.
  • Group messages sending in one click.
  • Fetch contact from WA contact & Chat.
  • Set auto-reply with photos and files.
  • Set auto-reply rules related to keywords with photos and files.
  • World fastest WA numbers filter feature.
  • Campaign auto reports generator.
  • Schedule your message with date & time.
  • Send Multiple bulk WA messages, photos, videos & documents at a single message.
  • Import & export data from or into Microsoft Excel, .csv, .txt & manual.
  • No need to buy credits.
  • Intelligent IP masking to avoid blocking.
  • Anti blocking mechanism powered by AI.
  • Manage multiple Sender accounts.
  • Track each sending messages with instant chat reply.
  • Free Updates & Support for 1 Year.
  • Grab all member of a WA group to contact numbers.
  • Rotate multiple sender numbers while sending the messages.
  • Personalized messages contains name & custom variables.
  • Multi text messages "Reduce chance of blocking".
  • Advanced sending configurations "Reduce chance of blocking".
  • Control random sending flow speed powered by AI.

Note: Requires PC with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher.

💡 See our tools in action live and know how it works.

Send FREE  WA Messages In Bulk On Windows, Mac OS X & Ubuntu/Linux

Send Personalized Messages.

Unlike other (indie) software in the market, you can magically personalize your outgoing bulk WA notification messages easily by using a simply to use placeholder syntax or variables.

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Control Sending Flow

Prevent your business phone number from being blocked from WA by optionally adding a slight delay after n number of messages powered by AI mechanism from Bulk Marketing Pro settings.

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AI Mechanism & Intelligent IP Masking

Add multi WA accounts and save them to avoid the annoying scanning of QR Code and to send simultaneously from them & use our special feature rotate multiple WA accounts for avoid blocking. Auto generated detailed report at the end of each bulk.

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Regular WA, Business WA or Non- WA Number Filter

You can Filter Unlimited Numbers From Any Country ( WA number filter option can filter 1000 numbers in 8 second only.)

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Create Auto Reply's WA Bot

A WA bot (or WA chatbot) is an automated conversational software program businesses can integrate with WA messaging app, using WA Business API. A WA chatbot enables brands to communicate with their customer base instantly, asynchronously (when it suits the customer), and in a personalized way without making their audiences to leave their comfort zones. Chatbots on WA can be rule-based.

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Receive WA Leads

With the software you can receive messages and there option to quick reply back to clients for create quick positive leads.

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Get Campaign Reports Anytime!

Get auto generated detail report of each successful capmaign. Any time you can check sended campaign report in software.

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Why choose Bulk Marketing Pro™, not others?

Bulk Marketing Pro software is most popular solution to send bulk WA notification messages. It’s a software to developed for to grow your business to help you generate quality leads and inturn more sales. We use bank-level encryption for 100% data security only you have to access to see your data. We are only one in the industry they provide you AI mechanism.

More Leads, More Sales

We offer suit of Business Solutions to help you generate quality leads and inturn more sales.

12500+ Customers Worldwide

Our motto is to bring your business Online. And we had successfully met this goal year after year.

Client Testimonials

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