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Social Media Email, Phone Data Extractor

Use our software to generate up-to-date leads for marketing.

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How it works?

Use our software to generate up-to-date leads for marketing. Get contacts details like name, number, address (and even WhatsApp number) etc. from public listings.

Enter Keywords

Enter your desired search criteria e.g., keywords, location and other available options to customize results.

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Start Extraction

Once you start the extraction process, software will scraping data according to your keywords and show in table.

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Save & Use

You can save the extracted data if desired in friendly, Excel format on your computer for easier use.

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Social Media Email, Phone Data Extractor

Social Media Email, Phone Extractor is a powerful and innovative program able to search and scan public pages on the most important social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and then scrape and extract Email addresses, Phone numbers (of companies, professionals and individuals). The search takes place at 360° within the profiles and posts of the various users. It is also possible to choose the search engine to use to get the best results by selecting one among Google, Bing and Yahoo. All captured emails are 100% valid and with extension, and It is also possible to search for business email (like After the search you can get and save them on your computer in an excel file.

  • Full Name
  • Social Media Email Address
  • Profile Page
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Website URL (from bio)
  • … much more
  • Free update & Support

Note: Requires PC with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher.

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